GPB has the best solution for obtaining rare circulating tumor cells (CTCs) from the patient's blood, a "liquid biopsy:" providing the missing link in precision diagnosis, prognosis and treatment.

The management of cancer patients is rapidly shifting from selecting drugs based on the tissue of origin of the cancer (i.e., breast, lung, prostate, etc.) to selecting drugs based on molecular mutations of the cancer cells (i.e., Precision Medicine). Precision Medicine requires accuracy in diagnosis, drug selection, dose/scheduling and monitoring, as well as in assessing when mutations occur and new therapies are needed.

Cancer is both an acute and, increasingly, a chronic disease driven by improved precision therapies. Patients will require liquid biopsies approximately monthly in the acute stage and perhaps quarterly or annually for the rest of their lives. The rare cell detection and enrichment market, including circulating tumor cells, is currently $1 billion and is growing at a 24% annual rate. The market is expected to triple to over $3 billion by 2020.

GPB's CTC products are the best solution for obtaining high-quality circulating rare cancer cells in their viable state. GPB's fully automated, low-cost system will be the gold standard for precise liquid biopsies. GPB's product is a desktop fluidic system that pumps blood through a disposable microchip. This system will be a fully automated, high quality, low cost solution that will give oncologists the information they need to best manage their patients, applying the breakthroughs that have occurred and are occurring in Precision Medicine. The end results will be far better outcomes for cancer patients.