Reliable cell recovery and expansion are fundamental to the successful scale up of CAR-T or any therapeutic cell manufacturing process.

GPB Scientific is enabling a step-change in purifying and enriching cells for cell therapy production.

We have developed a high-throughput, automatable, microfluidic closed-system for point-of-collection leukapheresis sample preparation for chimeric antigen receptor T cell (CAR-T) therapy production that can eliminate manual enrichment steps such as ficoll, direct magnetic, or centrifugation. It has been validated in lower-throughput applications (see Publications). We plan to deliver a turnkey system that can provide therapeutic dosing within seven days of collection.

To address the critical need for large-scale, cost-effective, reproducible manufacturing of high-quality cells for emerging cell therapies, GPB has developed a high-throughput polymer microfluidic device that delivers >80% cell recovery, >87% platelet depletion, and outputs T-cell preparations that expand 2x greater for the critical central memory cells (compared to Ficoll and Direct Magnetic approaches), and initial data indicate 4x is achievable. 100% of samples processed by the GPB microfluidic device expanded and did so with less variation, in stark contrast to Ficoll and Direct Magnetic samples. This initial comparison of T-cell function suggests that cells prepared via the GPB system may have significant benefits for downstream cell processing.

The GPB microfluidic system will provide a simple closed system that will automate multiple steps reducing potential for human error, microbial contamination, and other technical and cost challenges associated with the manufacture of therapeutic cells.

GPB is currently seeking strategic alliances to accelerate commercialization of the GPB microfluidic system for cell therapy processing.