Our Goal:

Reduce the overall cost of cell therapy manufacture by 50%

Today, it is possible to insert genes that create specific functionality to enable the patient’s own immune system, in particular T-cells, to effectively target and kill a patients cancer cells.  These powerful gene constructs, referred to as Chimeric Antigen Receptors (CAR) have shown exceptional promise in treating blood cancers, with two treatments recently winning FDA approval.   Unfortunately, the efficacy in the clinic is not matched by an efficient manufacturing process, which -if left unsolved - will significantly limit the ability to treat large numbers of patients.  The current process is labor-intensive, and uses dated techniques from the 1950's which typically results in cell loss of up to 50% prior to the start of a 2-3-week manufacturing process.  
GPB Scientific has developed a prototype system and consumable that will reduce cost and the risk of human error/contamination for the front-end of cell therapy manufacturing and will provide up to 4 fold more T-cells with 1/5th the variability of current processes.  
 Key Opinion Leader reaction to GPB's technology presentations has been suitably supportive:
"Can I get one next week?" - Leading Academic CAR-T Researcher
"OK - What do you need to move forward?" - Leading CAR-T Cell Therapy manufacturer
"I'm a believer - this is the right technology at the right time" - NIH Department Chief


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